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A Vibrant Community of 102 Sustainable Homes, Redefining Affordable Living

We have worked with the London Borough of Hounslow Council, dedicated to providing affordable, high-quality housing in thriving neighbourhoods. A project that embodies this commitment is Frank Towell Court.

This is a housing complex that prioritises sustainability and reducing carbon emissions, ensuring energy efficiency and minimal environmental impact. Each property is crafted to provide comfortable and affordable living.

Beyond just homes, Frank Towell Court nurtures a thriving community. The project sits within the existing estate and includes a mix of new mews houses, apartments, and maisonettes, with accessible homes for wheelchair users. The surrounding outdoor spaces have been redesigned to enhance habitat biodiversity, promote well-being, and encourage social integration among residents.

At KK, we strive to make a positive impact with every project we undertake. We are proud of this development, which stands as a shining example of what can be achieved when sustainability, inclusivity, and community are at the forefront of urban planning.

The result is a thoughtfully designed environment that includes a fully equipped play area for residents with young families, a landscaped riverside pocket park, mews streets, shared surfaces, and inviting seating areas throughout the site. This enhancement of the external landscape not only improves habitat biodiversity and residents’ well-being, but also fosters social integration and community cohesion among both new and existing residents.