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Our vision

Our Vision CGI
An environment where people flourish

As we enter our next decade, we're committed to continuing the visions of those before us and building on them. That's why we've launched our transformational business strategy - The Modern Way. A carefully considered pathway for us to continue to evolve sustainably, embracing the 60-year heritage we're so proud of, strengthening our strengths, and never standing still. We're providing opportunities for staff to flourish and surpass expectations on every level - service, standards and positive impact on society and the planet.

Beyond the building

Our values shape everything we do.

Integrity We work with respect, pride and transparency. We take shared ownership of projects and are proud of what our company name represents.
Nurturing This is a place for every person at every level. We support each individual regardless of background or ambitions. We’re nurturing a safe, open environment that encourages organic development.
Humility We let our work do the talking. No egos, no prima donnas – just a committed team who relish a challenge and work together for the best results.
Impact-driven Our work has a direct impact on society, our industry, and the built and natural worlds. Ensuring this impact is positive drives our decision-making.
People-centric Our success is built on our long-term relationships. We genuinely care about our clients and each other.
Sun rays
Progressive We're always looking to evolve to be a better version of ourselves.

Our key pledges