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1 Team to fit every project

Clients know we can deliver whatever they need when they come to us - from stand-alone disciplines to an all-encompassing team and everything in between — all under one roof. And the benefits keep growing.

1 Team is the right blend of people and disciplines, curated to a project's needs. We've everything to align the right expertise to the right job, blending our diverse expertise to get the best results. But we're not 'all or nothing' – if you're looking for individual disciplines, we do this too, giving limitless opportunities for 1 Team permutations.

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This collaborative spirit goes beyond just our own people – it’s about sharing a wider vision with clients and suppliers, building 
a diverse, united and open team that welcomes new ideas 
and insights.

Communal Living Square Blue Sky


We design and deliver buildings and spaces that go beyond function to enhance the user experience.

Building Surveying

We design, project-manage, and advise on costs with clarity. And, of course, we also provide a full suite of survey and reporting services.

Project Management

Our teams navigate the complexities of the construction process with efficiency, clarity and integrity to achieve optimal results.

Quantity Surveying

We pride ourselves on our ability to challenge, test and deliver financial accountability.

Interior Design

Our Interior Designers create timeless, efficient and unique environments to reflect our client's identities and visions.


Adding Mechanical and Electrical Consultants to our expertise allows the creation of seamless and integrated designs.

CDM/Principal Designer

Health & Safety is engrained in every project decision, regardless of discipline. But we also have specialists.

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Low Carbon

We're actively supporting our industry to make the right choices with specialists who advise in sustainability and net zero aspirations.