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Mechanical & Electrical

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Building Services shape the way we experience spaces. They provide light, thermal comfort, ventilation and power. But it's more than function. It's about enhancing designs and doing them sustainably.

Adding Mechanical and Electrical Consultants to our expertise allows the creation of seamless and integrated designs. And we're trained in Low Carbon, placing sustainability at the centre of our work.

1 Team

Our joined-up expertise means we can align the right expertise to the right job, from stand-alone disciplines to an all-encompassing team and everything in between. Learn more about our 1 Team.

Contact our team to learn more about our services.


Heating for Schools landscape
Heating upgrades - working towards decarbonisation Various Academies Various
Decarbonisation landscape
Decarbonising the Academy Estate Multiple Academies South England
LTM landscape
Long Term Maintenance Planning Various Academies Various