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Heating for Schools landscape

Heating upgrades - working towards decarbonisation

Project details
  • Client: Various Academies
  • Location: Various
  • Role: Full Team delivery comprising: Lead Consultant, Architect, Building Surveyor, CA/PM, Quantity Surveyor, Principal Designer, Bid Management and other specialist services.

Our 1 Team solution has provided an extensive range of services to support the upgrade of heating infrastructures within schools - from bidding to design and delivery; we have a strong track record with these projects.

We lead the Bid Management process to secure funding via the ESFA’s Condition Improvement Fund. Our success is based on demonstrating a compelling argument of need, planning and value for money and identifying how the projects will help each school work towards a Net Zero operation.

The approval of our bids demonstrates the array of expert advice provided in-house, ensuring a well-managed and fully coordinated process that achieves a high rate of return.

Following funding approval, we provide an extensive interdisciplinary team, including specialist surveys and consultancy advice to deliver each project. Works are required during term time due to the scale of the projects, which update considerable portions of each school’s heating infrastructures. Careful management and phasing is vital to ensure the curriculum remains operational, particularly during winter when heating is in high demand.

The opening of the Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme has allowed schools to branch into new technologies. We have successfully secured funding for an Air Source Heat Pump via this route for one of our recent schemes. This fund offers academies and other public bodies the opportunity to realise their Net Zero aspirations.

Contact our Education Team for assistance with your heating project requirements or to learn more about decarbonisation.