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Going beyond
expectations for
over 60 years

Our Legacy Marlborough College Cricket Pavilion

The three pillars that built us

1 Unique inter-disciplinary roots

Right from the outset, we followed our own path. In 1962, our founding Partner, John Kendall, was an acclaimed Registered Architect and Chartered Building Surveyor. This unique integration of skills has informed our approach ever since, expanding our services across multiple disciplines. Our 1 Team inter-disciplinary approach provides an optimal client experience, reducing risk, and cost and promoting project agility in fast-paced environments.

It's how we create buildings that go beyond technical excellence to impact people and society for the better. 

Explore our history with our 60 stories for 60 years.

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2 Organically grown

With 175 people spread across six hubs, we remain focused on doing things sustainably. Like we have always done. A model that is controllable and focused on organic principles means that we uphold high standards of delivery. Moreover, it is of a scale, maturity and diversity that can support many projects without being shackled by excessive governance. Our dynamic team structures create a small company feel but with the ability to upscale to deliver large-scale complex projects. 

We are and always have been, a purpose-driven organisation promoting inspiring conditions for staff to be their authentic best. Delivering meaningfully on these principles is fundamental to our ethos. Our teams are equally committed to our strategic purpose with impressive statistics.

Our people

3 Going beyond

Our third pillar is about our approach to service delivery that's always been at the heart of the business - The KK Way. The KK Way has eight unique ingredients within the KK academic, professional and cultural training model that give our staff a unique toolkit to deliver a truly outstanding service that exceeds expectations. Our remarkable track record says it all.

Our culture

Our journey so far