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National Children's Day and The Education Sector

We are dedicated to creating learning spaces that support children’s development – safe, welcoming, and inspiring environments to learn and thrive.

We understand the impact that learning environments can have on a child’s engagement, social interactions, and motivation. By delivering high-quality educational facilities, it can lay the foundations for wider wellbeing and positive attitudes towards schooling.

We’re proud to support the wide-ranging educational facilities of school providers. In many cases, we’ve helped secure funding for much needed projects from the Condition Improvement Fund – totalling more than £100m for local school condition projects.

Today, on National Children’s Day, we celebrate the joy, potential, and wellbeing of children with a look back on some of our projects in the sector. Most recently, we have completed a modern teaching block for Brannel School in St Austell, which has created space for over 150 additional pupils... 

Our team have worked to utilise fundamental architectural principles from the existing school block such as high sloping ceilings to provide a spacious feel, and maximising of natural light by utilising clerestory windows.

The result is a highly impressive and functional building, the delivery of which is a fantastic example of our 1Team approach - providing Building Surveyor, Architect, and Quantity Surveyor services. The team coordinated closely with the client to ensure their vision came to life – our holistic approach means that we can blend our expertise to provide an all-encompassing and successful delivery.