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Millfield Roof 3

Millfield School - Reroofing

Project details
  • Client: Millfield School
  • Location: Somerset
  • Role: Building Surveyor, Principal Designer

Delivered across multiple sites and in separate phases, our team designed and manged a programme of re-roofing works across various buildings on the Millfield School estate.

We re-covered the entirety of the preparatory school roof during a single summer holiday period, including total renewal of all coverings and insulation and provided re-roofing to St Anne’s Boarding House to replace an uninsulated leaking metal deck with a high-performance insulated 3-layer felt system with new roof lights.

We also worked on replacing the equestrian centre roof with durable modern materials providing a minimum of 30 years of life. We carefully phased these works to account for the presence of the horses which remained in temporary stables nearby.

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