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Public & Community

Hemple Hempstead Crem 2

The public and community sector is wide-ranging. At the heart of every project and vision is a desire to contribute positively to public buildings and the people who use them, maximising opportunities to add value.

Our blended disciplines have delivered expert support across a wide range of projects. From essential maintenance schemes that keep the day-to-day running smoothly, to refurbishments and unique new builds.

1 Team

Our joined-up approach means we can align the right expertise to the right job, from stand-alone disciplines to an all-encompassing team and everything in between. Learn more about our 1 Team.

Contact our Public and Community Team to discuss your project requirements.


Community New Hall
New Community Hall Undisclosed Undisclosed
1 Garland UK New Forest Enterprise Centre 7
New Forest Enterprise Centre - Reroofing New Forest Enterprise Centre New Forest
1 Boorley Green Community Centre 001 291119 2
Boorley Green - New Community Centre and Pavilion LST Projects Botley
Bridewell 3
The Bridewell Police Station - Remodelling and Refurbishment Avon and Somerset Constabulary Avon & Somerset