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Introducing our new brand

As we headed toward our 60th birthday last year, it was imperative to us that our brand reflected who we are and how we've evolved. And so the brand transformation began.

Since our last rebranding in 2002, a lot has changed. Our teams have grown to 175 people, developing into six offices, and we've diversified to create a unique interdisciplinary offering.

We set out to establish a brand which connects with how we've evolved whilst celebrating our legacy—something with simplicity, warmth and clarity, and to better engage with our clients, people and broader communities. And we're genuinely proud of the result.

Whilst we look a little different - our new brand doesn't change who we are or how we work. It's crystallised the ethos we've carried since the beginning. To go beyond what's expected of a consultancy regarding service, standards and positive impact. This ethos has undoubtedly seen us achieve an impressive 96.5% repeat business whilst growing many long-lasting relationships stretching back over 20 years.

We're delighted to finally share our new brand and website, designed in partnership with award-winning agencies Supple and Mud. We hope you'll enjoy exploring our new website and hearing from our new brand as much as we've enjoyed developing it.

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