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Falmouth University Learning Lounges 3

Falmouth University - Learning Lounges

Project details
  • Client: Falmouth University
  • Location: Falmouth
  • Role: Architect, Project Manager and Contract Administrator

We converted a redundant kitchen to create a stylish space where students could relax while studying individually or in groups. The compact area required careful design to maximise the use of the room and develop a sense of differentiation between different zones.

Hear the Campus Presentation Manager, thoughts on the space.

“Our works are some of the most talked about on campus and are being held up as examples of how different and how good we want things to be in the future. Exeter’s Vice Chancellor did a talk this week and the one image he used for all of Exeter’s campuses was our Learning Lounge and heralding the exciting new spaces that Exeter are providing for their students!”

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