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Expanding our sustainability credentials

We believe learning is a lifelong process. But you don’t need to take our word for it. We’re shining the light on our people. So you can hear directly from them what it’s like to work at KK.

Below Matt provides insight into his pursuit of further academic qualifications.

What made you choose your career?

I first joined Kendall Kingscott as a part one year out student from Cardiff University, and then returned post part two. I completed my part 3 professional qualification with the company and then had a spell away with some other firms just to see how others did it, and establish in my mind what sort of role might suit me. After three years away I returned to a company where I knew I would be well supported and one that was evolving and growing. Now I'm an Associate and lead Sustainability Consultant at KK.

Why Kendall Kingscott?

The company looks after its staff well. I have always worked with fantastic colleagues and have made some life long friends in the process. This has remained a constant all the time I have worked here.

The inter-discipline nature of the firm excites me. Building surveying and architecture complement each other fantastically well, but the other newly established and emerging disciplines in the company reflect a business that will continue evolving and be an exciting place to work for years to come.

What are the highlights of your career so far?

The most recent highlight was completing an MSc in the Environmental Design of Buildings at Cardiff University and obtaining a distinction. This was done with a young family, during a global pandemic and on top of my day to day job.

Other highlights have come about from the varied clients we work with. I have taken a lot of satisfaction from keeping them all happy over the years.

How have you been supported in further development, post your initial professional qualifications?

KK sponsored my MSc as well as providing study leave and allowing me to adjust contractual hours such that I could carve out some head space away from the day job.

I chose the course because I was serious about developing a specialism in sustainability - how we minimise the resources used by new and existing buildings is one of the most important questions the construction industry faces. It’s at the forefront of our clients' minds as they look to minimise their own energy consumption and in turn their carbon footprint in response to the climate emergency and as the government policy ramps up ‘Net Zero’ initiatives.

Did this unlock any new opportunities?

Completing the course has given me an immediate confidence that comes from having some detailed specialist knowledge. The company have taken this seriously and have provided me with a platform to further develop. I have become heavily involved in the reporting of the business carbon footprint, and producing educational materials on decarbonisation for the wider practice on a rapidly evolving topic. The course also provided me with an opportunity to maintain a relationship with academia - returning to do some guest tutoring. I hope I can continue to build on this in the future.

Why do you think ‘lifelong’ learning / continual development is important?

Everyone is different but I had a particular interest that I wanted to develop and have a more than superficial understanding of. The MSc course provided an opportunity for an injection of detailed knowledge and gave me momentum in learning again. Acquiring new skills and understanding can only be a good thing.

What’s next?

Having got some momentum in this field I am keen to not let up. The MSc is hopefully just the beginning.

What keeps you busy outside of work?

Outside of work, time mostly evolves around family, but when I get a spare moment sports and music are my passion.

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